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years : 2021
style : cg, photo collage

An object with a molecular model motif that seems to start moving around. People climb and grab it and act like members of the molecule in a small world. Put love and wonder on the activity of gathering from nowhere and uniting to create nature. kune is an Esperanto word meaning "together".

This time I made this picture with canvas print. This is made by UV inkjet printing on a 100% linen canvas fabric that is nailed to a wooden frame. The advantage of being printed is that the body is as light as about 400 grams. Its characteristics make it easy to decorate the wall of the room by simply hooking it with a thumbtack or nail.

In addition, on the back of the canvas, there is a description that it is an open edition (a work that does not have a limited number of copies), the title, the year of production, and the autograph of the artist.