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Living Things

Living Things

Trust (2020)

Operation (2020)

Lapse (2019)

Dialogue (2019)

Cleft (2020)

Shields (2019)

Thorns (2020)

Tempest (2020)

The work “Living Things” is inspired by the beauty, fear, and power of the being with heart. And the feature of this work is to expand the definition of existence with heart. This idea is similar to “animism”, a primitive religious view that was believe to have a spirit in all things. Originally, “Living Things” is a word used in the meaning of human beings and creatures, but by applying it to natural phenomena and the universe that can not be regarded as having a heart or spirit, the imagination is stimulated. In the production of this work, it was important to feel awe and transition for the world. Awe and transition are depicted in fictional landscapes.
In a world that continues to change without a fixed purpose, the phenomenon itself seems to have life. Through such a view point created from my imagination, I try to draw a chaotic world based on the image I have in my mind.
It is a painting created by synthesizing many materials such as CG, photographs, and drawings.

These works are scheduled to be sold from the end of 2020.