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Living Things

Visual Art Series
year : 2020 -

Living Things is a graphic series that depicts the strength and kindness of living things and the image of connecting exchanges through struggling between people. Living Things means sentient beings. We are tossed, fluctuated, and hurt by various factors, but we live in reality without stopping. You will notice that each and every one of us is being put to good use in the time it takes to repeat these changes. In the time to move, the works are drawn by finding the vestiges of each life and carrying the impermanence that is kept alive. In this series, I drew borderless scenery that fused photography, computer graphics, and drawings. Through the scenery, I pursue a quiet and unwavering humanity.

The works in this graphic series are made as giclee prints and canvas prints. And from the end of 2020 to the present, it is sold to the world from the contemporary art EC site "TRiCERA".

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