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List of shops handling works

This is a list of stores that handle Atsushigraph's works. Introducing online stores and physical stores centered on giclee prints and zines. All physical store are located in Japan, but please visit them when you come to Japan.


Online Store

A global online store with art from all over the world. You can find works by up-and-coming contemporary artists. It is also attractive that you can search for works not only by price range but also by color, motif, technique, etc.

URL : https://www.tricera.net/artist/painters/8100181

Cyg art gallery

Physical Store - Morioka City, Iwate, Japan

A gallery that holds special exhibitions focusing on artists from the Tohoku region of Japan. This gallery has various original drawings, three-dimensional works, zines, etc. This store sells past works such as Atsushigraph's ZINE "Living Things".

PLACE : Parc Avenue Kawatoku Cube-Ⅱ B1F, 1-8-15 Saien, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
URL : https://cyg-morioka.com

Please be careful of fake sites claiming to be Atsushigraph's works.

Important notice to customers

As of April 7, 2024, I have confirmed that Atsushigraph's products (works) have been reprinted on multiple external websites. Please be aware that if you purchase works from these websites, you may run into fraud or other problems, such as the work not being delivered. Please refrain from accessing the site casually.

Genuine Atsushigraph products are only available overseas at the following online stores specializing in contemporary art.

URL : https://www.tricera.net/artist/painters/8100181

TRiCERA is a Japanese company that brings works by contemporary artists from 126 countries to users around the world. Atsushigraph is also a registered artist at this store, and the lineup focuses on giclee prints. Please note that the authenticity of works posted on sites other than TRiCERA ART cannot be guaranteed.

Also, if you are staying in Japan and purchasing, you can purchase genuine Atsushigraph products at the following physical stores, so please take a look.

- Implexus art gallery
Giclee prints will be available for a limited time from April 20, 2024.
PLACE : 1F, 1-8-22 Honcho-dori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
URL : https://implexus.jp

- Cyg art gallery
ZINE is now available.
PLACE : Parc Avenue Kawatoku Cube-Ⅱ B1F, 1-8-15 Saien, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture
URL : https://cyg-morioka.com

It may also be available for purchase at the following galleries and events from time to time.
(As of April 7, 2024, there are no works exhibited at these galleries or events.)

PLACE : 2-40-6, Komazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
URL : https://zine.mount.co.jp

- CLOUDS gallery plus coffee
PLACE : 2-25-4, Koenjikita Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
URL : https://www.cloudsgallerypluscoffee.com

- ArtPara Fukagawa / ArtPara Market Fair (AMF)
PLACE : Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
URL : https://artpara-fukagawa.tokyo